Sypwai announces collaboration with Telomere Biosciences: life expectancy to increase by 7%

At the end of June 2021, British startup Sypwai and American chromosome protection drug maker Telomere Biosciences began a full-fledged collaboration. "Artificial intelligence can help prevent aging. We realized this as soon as Sypwai entered the market with its development. From our point of view, we can organically complement each other's activities," commercial director Horald Palm said.

The two companies' activities will focus on the longevity of human life, the sources said. "As life goes on, the body's resources are depleted. What if we save them initially? Entrust some functions to artificial intelligence and fear neither disease nor aging. Given the rapid development of technology, we at Sypwai think this is quite realistic," Peter Smith, one of Sypwai's scientists, shares his scientific reasoning.

Telomere Biosciences promises that the first research results will be ready in six months. After that, everything depends on the data obtained and the readiness of the medical field to modernize.