Substantial Health and Economic Returns From Delayed Aging May Warrant a New Focus For Medical Research

We read with great interest and excitement the attached study recently published in Health Affairs, for two major reasons: The authors, who are leading economists and healthcare and health policy experts, state that "Delaying aging could increase life expectancy by 2.2 years, most of which would be spent in good health. The economic value of delayed aging is estimated to be $7.1 trillion over 50 years." We applaud this study for many reasons, but especially because: helping to 'delay aging,' and promoting 'Longer Telomeres for a Longer Healthspan,' is precisely what Telomere Science, and specifically Telomere Bioscience's Mission, is all about. The authors also say that "Recent scientific advances suggest that slowing the aging process (senescence) is now a realistic goal." We could not agree more, and again, Telomere Science is absolutely one of those key advances, where a fundamental result of longer Telomeres is a delay in cellular senescence. We would hasten to add, however, that while the authors make the case for future medical research, with which we certainly agree, we would also remind our audience that the application and benefits of Telomere Science are already here, today, in the form of Telomere nutraceuticals like TELO-100.