The Mission of Telomere Biosciences is to bring the breakthrough health benefits of Telomere Science to a mass audience globally through practitioners and directly to consumers. We achieve this mission by applying the latest findings & advances in Telomere Biology to the most advanced Telomere-lengthening supplements available, at a price that is affordable for nearly all incomes.

Applying Leading-Edge Telomere Science

Telomere Biosciences is committed to staying at the very forefront of the rapidly-evolving science of Telomeres, and to continually apply the very latest advances and newly-identified ingredients in Telomere Science to the most efficacious, scientifically-supported Telomere-lengthening Nutraceuticals available.

Not Just for the Rich

We believe that the breakthrough health benefits of Telomere-Lengthening Nutraceuticals should not be accessible and affordable only to the wealthy, and we have proven through our groundbreaking products like TELO-100 and TELO-20 for Dogs that they do not have to be.

The Importance of Lifestyle

While we are confident that TELO-100 is the most advanced and complete Telomere/Telomerase supplement available, very strong research by some of the leading experts in Telomeres and Aging shows that Lifestyle actions are also critical factors affecting both Telomerase activity and Telomere length. For example, a recent controlled study by Nobel laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, et.al., showed that subjects practicing Yogic Mindfulness Meditation experienced a 43% increase in Telomere activity vs. control subjects.