Telomere partnership with SYPWAI

We launched Telomere Biosciences to bring the revolutionary benefits of telomere science to a mass audience. We harness the advances of medical practitioners, applying for the latest discoveries and advances in telomere biology to create the most advanced and unique supplements that can lengthen telomeres and thereby prolong life and improve health.

Our team is dedicated to developing products that activate telomerase. And we use the latest scientific developments as well as advances in artificial intelligence.

Integrating these advances into our practice has allowed us to increase the effectiveness and speed of clinical trials of our products many times over. As you know, during such trials it takes a huge amount of time to assign individual medical codes to patients. Updating relevant datasets is also a significant effort. With the help of SYPWAI technology, we have been able to speed up this process many times over, enabling us to present the new product to the public sooner than we expected.

Now we are using AI technology to develop new tools. This amazing power is helping us look for promising new combinations of substances that can affect telomeres. We anticipate that with the help of a neural network, we will be able to create even more effective remedies to prolong life and maintain health in old age.