Announcing the 2015 "Next Generation" formulation of TELO-100:

  • Now with 10 Telomerase-Activators and greater Telomerase Activation potency
  • Greatly-enhanced Bioavailability of the Telomerase-Activators, and now with "Delayed Release" vegetarian capsules, to protect all ingredients from stomach acids, for increased absorption.

The Most Advanced Telomere Supplement Available

Made With T-Activator 150™, a Special Blend of 10 Natural Telomerase-Activating Compounds

Grounded in the latest research, TELO-100 is the first & only integrated “complex” of 18 pro-Telomere nutritional ingredients, including multiple natural telomerase-activators, to target all 3 major causes of Telomere shortening:

  • Loss of the Telomere-lengthening enzyme Telomerase, with ‘T-Activator 150,’  10 natural Telomerase-Activators.
  • Oxidative Stress, which increases the rate of Telomere shortening & greatly reduces Telomerase activity
  • Inflammatory reactions, which also accelerate Telomere  shortening and reduce Telomerase activity 

The Mission of Telomere Biosciences is to not only develop the most advanced Telomere-lengthening Nutraceuticals available, but also to ensure that the breakthrough health benefits of Telomere Science are accessible and affordable to the many people aged 40-90+ who can benefit from longer Telomeres. We strive to make the highest quality, most affordable Telomere products available, and our many loyal customers are a testament to our success.

The Science Behind TELO-100

The breakthrough TELO-100 formulation is grounded in the latest findings and major advances in Telomere Science right through 2015, most importantly:

That while some companies and products focus solely on telomerase activation, a deeper understanding of Telomere Science conclusively shows us that there are actually 3 major causes of Telomere shortening, all of which should be addressed to positively impact Telomere length:

  • Loss of Telomerase. With the important exceptions of Adult Stem Cells and Leukocytes (a type of Immune cell), Telomerase is inactive in most human cells, but if ‘activated,’ can lengthen Telomeres [RB Effros, 2011; C. Weyand & J. Gorozny, 2010; C. Harley & B. Andrews, 2010]
  • Oxidative Stress, which can Reduce Telomerase Activity by 50-70% and Double the Rate of Telomere Shortening [C. Harley & B. Andrews, 2010; EH Blackburn, 2010; Kurz, 2004; Ahmed, 2008; T. von Zglinicki, 2002]
  • Inflammation, which Increases the Rate of Telomere Shortening and Has a Major Impact on Telomerase Activity [EH Blackburn, 2011; S. Bekaert, 2007, A. Aviv, 2009] In addition, important Telomere research shows that:Inhibiting the Inflammatory Cytokine TNF-alpha can actually Increase Telomerase Activity by 1.25 to 1.78-Fold [RB Effros, 2009 & 2011] Cortisol and Homocysteine can each Reduce Telomerase Activity by up to 50%, and each increases the Rate of Telomere Shortening [EH Blackburn, 2011; RB Effros, 2008; J. Zhu, 2006; A. Aviv, 2008]

Key Product Benefits

By uniquely targeting all major causes of Telomere shortening, TELO-100 is formulated to:

  • Help Maintain Existing Telomere Length and Slow the Rate of Telomere shortening, to help preserve the functional lifespan of cells
  • Help Maintain Existing Levels of Telomerase Activity, especially in Adult Stem Cells & Leukocytes, to help preserve Telomere length, replicative capacity, and functionality in these critical cell types.
  • Activate the Enzyme Telomerase, through multiple natural Telomerase-Activating compounds, to help lengthen Telomeres, and to promote an increase in cellular lifespan.

Loss of Telomerase

Oxidative Stress Inflammation
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Other Important Health Maintenance Benefits Include:

  • Help Maintain & Support Immune System Health
  • Help Maintain & Support Cardiovascular Health
  • Help Maintain & Support Bone Health
  • Help Maintain & Support Metabolic Health and Biomarkers
  • Help Maintain & Support the Health and Appearance of the Skin
  • Help Maintain & Support Mitochondrial Health
  • Help Maintain & Support Adult Stem Cell Health
  • Help Maintain & Support Cognitive Health & Performance

Who can benefit from TELO-100?

TELO-100 is recommended for those 40-90+ years of age, most of whose Telomeres have begun to significantly shorten. One of the great dynamics of Telomere Science is that the enzyme “Telomerase preferentially lengthens the shortest telomeres”* [first], which means: since those who are 70, 80, or 90 on average have shorter Telomeres than someone who is 40 or 50, they can stand to benefit from a Telomere-lengthening nutraceutical just as much, perhaps even more, than the 40 or 50 year old.

[*Source: C. Harley & B. Andrews, 2010; C. Greider 2001]